That Safe Feeling Inside

The recent Covid-19 crisis saw a mass movement towards greater restrictions of freedoms and unprecedented advances in public control. For some, these measures were necessary, a rational reaction to a problem that posed a serious threat to the global economy and public health. To others they were opportunistic, upholding the old maxim: never let a good crisis go to waste. And to a very few, the measures signalled something darker, a turn towards a potentially more dystopian future.

Everyday Magicians

Consider the craftsman in a loincloth, doing a sack of onions every half hour. In his hand a three-inch blade of miserable steel. Late on his rent, he wonders about his mother’s health. If he’d see her again. Her hospital bills. Ashamed at the impurity of his own greed, he dices like clockwork. I don’t know his name. Do you?

The hidden

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the same trust in our systems. All too easily, we consider ourselves indispensable; but around the world, the seemingly dispensable number in their billions.

The virus reveals

Of course, there is one element in our world that does not discriminate in the way we often do, unaware though we may be.



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