Yellow Issue 2: Limbo

Yellow by Palmwood
2 min readMar 1, 2021

Look around you. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

What are you seeing? What are you not seeing? Who you are becoming, that might surprise you? How has this year shaken you to your core? Might it have also liberated you? What are you noticing in the massive social transitions all around us? What has shifted in your priorities, and the rituals and habits that define your everyday? Most of all — How does it feel to stand in this liminal doorway, between then and next, between was and will be, between the Great Before and the Great Reset?

We are living in the Era of Limbo. A state of fuzzy in-betweens, of wiggly-wobbly wondering, of foggy new futures just beginning to peek from behind the clouds. A societal moment of pause, pregnant with possibilities. A space of becoming.

We believe there has never been a more powerful moment for design. In our second issue of Yellow, we reflect on the beauty of Limbo, in all its forms. From Limbo cheese plates floating in space, to interviews with a spirit medium, to fleeting sand art quickly snatched up by the sea, we celebrate and honor this beautiful moment of In-Between. Together with creative partners from across the globe, we explore the uncharted land of Limbo.

We invite you to come live, hope, and wander in Limbo with us.

Forever curious,


Winter 2020

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Yellow by Palmwood

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